Sunday, June 8, 2008

The value of Google Maps for cyclists

I've run over a little feature on that has proven to be extremely valuable for me as a bicycle rider. Ok, you're planning to go for a spin, and the area is not 100% familiar to you, how do you know if you have chosen a downhill run, or if the day is going to get filled with uphills? The simple solution to this is a genius tool called Path-Profiler

What you see here is the profile-output of a relatively long route. And what can this tell me? If and where I will encounter hills! And I really love this app, because I can really plan my rides better if I know these factors. To be able to see where these hills actually appear, you can of course see the path on the map (I cannot embed a map into this blog, because for some reason, google maps does not allow this when using path profiler). A little tip is to click the "follow roads" button, which allows you to select fewer waypoints and still get an accurate output.

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